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Contact Numbers for Different Reigions

Head Office
Mrs Debi Chelin (Office Manager)
Office: +27 (0)31 914 0237
Fax: +27 (0)31 914 2746
Email: co.secretary@predictivemaintenance.co.za
Email: accounts@predictivemaintenance.co.za

KwaZulu Natal
Office: +27 (0)31 914 0237
Office Cell: 083 387 2689

Gavin Venter
Cell: 083 417 1920

Robbie Venter
Cell: 083 268 4794

Garry Oosthuizen
Cell: 082 321 6619

Western & Eastern Cape / Central Cape
Robbie Venter
Cell: 083 268 4794
Office: +27 (0)41 453 3886
Email: robbieventer@predictivemaintenance.co.za

Mpumalanga / Swaziland / Mozambique / Tanzania
Robbie Venter
Cell: 083 268 4794
Office: +27 (0)13 764 2177
Email: robbieventer@predictivemaintenance.co.za

Gauteng / Northern & North West Provinces / Free State
Bernard Els
Cell: 083 391 6024
Office: +27 (0)11 886 3703
Email: bernardels.gp@predictivemaintenance.co.za

Marketing - Public Relations
Robbie Venter
Cell: 083 268 4794
Email: robbieventer@predictivemaintenance.co.za

Please feel free to contact any of the above if you require any further information about the services as presented in the company profile you have read.

Prices for the different services will be supplied on request only. The intensity levels for the services differ to such an extent, that it would comprise of a document of similar length to the profile itself.


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