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History of Predictive Maintenance cc

Michael Paul founded Predictive Maintenance in 1991. In partnership with WEARCHECK a novel, one stop, monitoring service was provided to industries requiring lubricant and vibration monitoring services. This service was named MAINTECH, and it operated in the then named Transvaal and Natal. Market research in 1993 indicated a preference for specialization in each of the monitoring methods. The services were then separated. Oil analysis was continued by WEARCHECK and the vibration analysis was taken over by Predictive Maintenance. The MAINTECH service for industrial oil analysis continues as one of the profiles for WEARCHECK'S current operations.

Our focus on our core business of vibration monitoring has led to specialization in field of packaging, bottling, motorcar manufacturing and tyre fabrication industry. We provide services to a large scope of other companies throughout industry for eg. sugar, milling, wastewater and cement industries. During an investigation performed by S.A.Breweries in 1998, we were selected as the preferred condition monitoring consulting company to be utilized for any outsourcing of these services. There were 12 other smaller and larger companies that were invited to submit tenders for the contract. It would not be ethical to submit any names so we will refrain from doing so.

The out-sourced services are all in some instances and most of the different methods and skills referred to in this document. The programs are running well and we can supply you with references if you require them.

Member Profile of Current Members

Jacobus Wentzel

Kobus joined the company as a technician in 1994, before Mike left for abroad. Kobus studied at Technicon for his diploma and was employed as a Condition monitoring technician by a Milling factory before he was approached to join Predictive Maintenance. He has been involved with setting up condition monitoring programmes for various types of industry since joining the company. He became a member in 1995.

Kobus is based in Port Elizabeth and takes care of the Eastern and Western Cape region including Central Africa region of our company.

Robbie Venter

Robbie joined the company in 1996 and studied at Technicon Pretoria before he was employed by Sappi to implement a Condition monitoring department at one of their largest Paper mills in the country. He spent 5 years in their employment before he left to implement and set up a Condition monitoring programme for an AMCOAL mine consisting of oil analysis laboratory, vibration analysis, laser alignment, balancing and quality control at vendors.

Since joining the company Robbie has implemented monitoring databases and programmes for various companies throughout the country. He was based in Durban until mid 1998 when he was transferred to Gauteng to run the office for that region. He has been transferred back to Durban to perform all marketing and PR duties in the organization. Robbie became a member in our company in 1998.

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