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Dynamic in-situ Balancing

The second most common problem that causes early failures in machinery is rotor imbalance. The most common rotor imbalance that can be solved without removing the rotor that requires balancing is that of fans. It is assumed that fans do not require balancing if they were balanced before installation. This is due to the fact that due to rotation, the wear rate should be even all round. This not the case that has come to light in practice. Due to unwanted particles (objects) passing through the fan during operation and material strength not being the same all over the runner.

If a rotor is out of balance and runs for a period of time, depending on whether it is a coupled imbalance, uncoupled imbalance, static imbalance or dynamic imbalance, the wear pattern in the bearing will differ. The wear in the plumber block or pedestal may also be affected by the imbalance component present in the rotor. To reduce the risk of early failure, it is therefore recommended that imbalance problems be seen to as soon as you are aware of them.

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